Some say sugar is sugar.

We say sugar is AGRAGOLD!

We have been around for more than two decades. Our quality has been recognized by consumers in Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and beyond.

For large and small households, for all those who love to make cakes, desserts, cookies, marmalade or jams, or simply want to sweeten your hot or cold beverages, AGRAGOLD has the ideal product in its range of white sugar. All products under AGRAGOLD brand are manufactured to the highest standards of technology in the food industry. Their quality is controlled at all stages of the manufacturing process and supply of raw materials.

In addition to white sugar, in its assortment, AGRAGOLD also has cube sugar, powdered sugar and brown sugar. 

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AGRAGOLD white crystal sugar 

AGRAGOLD white crystal sugar is the basic product from AGRAGOLD range. It is a popular ingredient in most desserts and beverages.

Depending on the market, AGRAGOLD white fine crystal sugar is available in paper packages of 1 kg, 5 kg and 25 kg and OPP packages of 1 and 2 kg.

AGRAGOLD white crystal sugar is fine-grained, which allows it to melt quickly and easily in the course of preparation of cakes and various desserts.

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AGRAGOLD cube sugar 


With its perfectly shaped cubes, AGRAGOLD cube sugar can turn any moment into a sweet delight!

Using modern production technology we have ensured superior quality of AGRAGOLD sugar cube, which was carefully selected to sweeten your day, always looking elegant in a modern and practical packaging of 1 kg.

Improve the taste of your beverage of choice by adding just the right amount of sweetness!

Life is… like a box of chocolates

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AGRAGOLD demerara brown sugar

AGRAGOLD Demerara brown sugar has a special place among AGRAGOLD specialty products and brings an exotic feeling to your home.

AGRAGOLD Demerara brown sugar is a natural, unrefined cane sugar designed for everyday consumption and preparation of food and beverages with walnuts, honey, hazelnuts, chocolate and dried fruits. It is an excellent alternative to white sugar. Its natural aroma gives an exotic flavor to your dish.

*Tip: AGRAGOLD brown Demerara sugar is a natural product and in certain weather conditions it can harden, however this does not affect the product quality! Pour such sugar into a dish, cover it with a damp cloth, leave it overnight and sugar will restore moisture and become loose again.

Life is… like chocolate

sometimes bitter, sometimes sweet.

AGRAGOLD powdered sugar

With its soft structure, AGRAGOLD powdered sugar makes sweet moments even sweeter!

AGRAGOLD powdered sugar is crystal sugar ground into a superfine powder! Finely ground sugar crystals are easily soluble and mix well with pastries, creams, frosting and other semi-products when making a variety of desserts. Ideal for dusting cakes and cookies for final decoration.

*Tip: AGRAGOLD powdered sugar is 100% natural sugar with no additives or supplements, thus a prolonged and improper storage may cause it to lump. This is why AGRAGOLD advises you that, after opening a bag, store sugar in a dry place in a closed container to avoid contact with moisture and thus prevent potential lumping.

Some say sugar is sugar.

We say sugar is AGRAGOLD!