Life is ... like sugar

sometimes it is brown and sometimes it is white.

Some say sugar is sugar. We say sugar is AGRAGOLD! We have been around for more than two decades. Our quality has been recognized by consumers in Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and beyond.

White sugar

White crystal sugar is the basic and favorite ingredient of most sweet dishes and drinks.


Sugar in the cube

Sugar in a cube with its perfect shape turns all moments into sweet enjoyment.


Brown sugar

Demerara brown sugar occupies a special place and brings exoticism to your home.


Powdered sugar

Powdered sugar with its soft structure makes many sweet moments even sweeter.

Life is ... like a mountain

the climb is difficult, but the view is sweet.

  • AGRAGOLD is here to help you

make the best cakes or cookies, to flavor your favorite hot and cold drinks, to preserve the most valuable and carefully selected ingredients of jams and marmalades!

  • AGRAGOLD sugar is a welcome guest

all birthday parties, smaller or larger gatherings and always enriches your socializing with loved ones! It is the basic ingredient of any real kitchen, it is there to delight even the most demanding gourmets. Your presence simply makes your life sweeter!

Sweeten up your life


When life brings you sugar, make something sweet!

Some say sugar is sugar.

We say sugar is AGRAGOLD.