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In the past, sugar was known as white gold! Now, it is called AGRAGOLD. It is justifiably here to help you make the best cakes and cookies, to give an aroma to your favourite hot and cold beverages, to conserve the most valuable and carefully picked ingredients of marmalades and jams!

AGRAGOLD is a welcome guest at all birthday celebrations, at smaller or larger gatherings and always enriches the time you spend with your loved ones! It is the basic ingredients of a true kitchen and it can cheer up even the most demanding gourmet. Its presence simply makes your life sweeter!

On this site, you will be introduced to the products of AGRAGOLD sugar, you will find plenty of fun contents and recipes and simply sweeten up your life!

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The quality of our AGRAGOLD sugar is uncompromising, and the protection of our customers is our primary commitment.

All the factories in our system apply cutting-edge technology in their production in accordance with the highest quality management standards, including ISO 9001:2008, HACCP and IFS (International Food Standard) confirming that AGRAGOLD sugar is a high-quality health-safe product.

Sugar produced under the AGRAGOLD brand is a part of the tradition and quality of production coming from AGRANA-STUDEN Group, an international corporation based in Vienna.

With our AGRAGOLD sugar, we supply the EU (Slovenia and Croatia) and Western Balkans markets from the factories in Austria, Hungary and STUDEN-AGRANA Sugar refinery based in Brcko, Bosnia and Herzegovina.

All the sugar that is produced and packed under the AGRAGOLD brand is subjected to the most relevant standards of production and quality.

AGRANA Zucker GmbH with its factories in Tulln and Lepoldsdorf near Vienna is the only sugar producer in Austria. Joint capacity of the Austrian factories for production of sugar from sugar beet is 400,000 tons of sugar per year.

Magyar Cukor Zrt. operates as a subsidiary of AGRANA Group in Hungary. With its production in Kaposvar and a packing center in Petőháza, it is the main producer of sugar in Hungary and one of the main suppliers of AGRAGOLD sugar for the EU market.

STUDEN-AGRANA Rafinerija šećera d.o.o. Brcko is a joint venture of STUDEN & CO Holding and AGRANA Group and is the only sugar refinery in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The production capacity of the refinery is more than 180.000 mt of white crystal sugar using as a raw material the raw sugar supplied from global markets. Company introduced recognized quality standards ISO 9001, HACCP, Bonsucro Chain of Custody 5.1 and IFS (International Food Standard).

We carry out the distribution of AGRAGOLD sugar through our own AGRAGOLD distribution companies and partner companies.

Distribution of AGRAGOLD sugar is carried out in accordance with the standards established for distribution chain management that provides visibility, control and traceability of AGRAGOLD products over the entire distribution chain, which ensures an additional consumer protection.

For inquiries about the distribution of AGRAGOLD sugar in your market you may contact us here.